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​Women's Cut and Style                  $38

Men's Cut                                         $25

Children's Cut  (12 & younger)       $20

Beard Trim                                        $5

Blow Out                                          $25+

Downstyle                                         $35+

Updo                                                 $50+

Child Updo (12 & younger)              $20+


Keratin Smoothing Treatment                 **

Consultation Required **


Color Retouch                                  $60+

Full Head Color                                $75+


Glossing                                            $30+

Color Accent                                     $35+

Partial Highlight/Lowlight                $75+

Full Highlight/Lowlight                     $95+

Balayage                                             $100+

Color Correction  -  Consultation Required


Clarifying Treatment                          $20

Botanical Therapy Treatment            $35​
Added to Service                               $20
Olaplex Treament                              $45
Olapex Add-on                                   $20+


We offer a variety of extension services that we can tailor specifically to each guests needs. Because of this, consultations are required prior to any full services.


Weft Hair Extensions    

Emily offers Weft Hair Extensions. These are real human hair, ethically sourced.  She creates a row of hair divided into tiny sections using beads that lay flat to the head, then sew the weft to that foundation row.  There is no adhesive/glue/keratin bond.  With matching the correct amount of hair in the foundation row to the weight of the hair it will be supporting, you shouldn’t experience any damage.  Extensions are not recommended if you’re going through hair loss beyond just typical shedding.

Every 4 weeks, there is maintenance move up.  As your natural hair growth happens, the extensions grow down with your hair and need to be tightened up. Every 2-3 months (typically) they need to be completely reinstalled.

Pricing varies depending on the desired hair length and density.  The initial purchase of hair and install for a full head typically starts at $690

Maintenance Move Up                                   $50

Reinstallation                                                 $500

Clip In Extensions   

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Kerri offers Clip In Extensions. These extensions are excellent as they can be easily clipped in and styled in minutes and then removed just as easily. High quality clip-in hair extensions will last you anywhere from 3-6 months up to a year or even longer, depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. If you want permanent, butt-length Kim K. hair that’s also 100 percent REMY, you’re not going to find that for $50—you’re probably looking at $1,000 in hair and installation. But that doesn’t mean you need thousands of dollars of hair. If you always wear your hair in a ponytail, you may not need 10 packs of keratin-bonded hair for a ton of money—you might just want a ponytail extension that’s a tenth of the price. This is why it’s so important to actually go to a salon that specializes in extensions and have them talk you through the best options for your lifestyle, budget, and hair type


Single Extension Accent                                $20

*pricing may vary as each client's needs are different.  

*additional costs apply if extensions need to be custom colored